Frequently Asked Questions

Before you send us an enquiry, we’d be very grateful if you’d check to see if your question has already been answered below. If it hasn’t, please drop us an email or send us some more information.

We're officially based in the UK but we work remotely from various locations around the world.

With the various communication technologies that we have available today, this remote set up has allowed us to work with clients all over the world in different time zones without any problems.

If this type of arrangement is uncomfortably modern for you, it's probably best that we don't work together anyway as we like to think we're quite forward-thinking.

Although we have other websites of our own that rank for plenty of very valuable search phrases, ranking for SEO-related terms is not something that we consider likely to generate a positive return on our investment of time and money.

We know our resources can be much better spent in other ways, and if we think the same is the case for your business, we'll be the first to recommend that you focus your efforts elsewhere.

Although organic SEO was once a viable means of traffic-generation for almost all businesses, times have changed and we'll always be completely up-front with you about this.

Firstly, we don't publicise our phone numbers or take calls that haven't been previously scheduled, as these interruptions would mean reduced effectiveness and therefore higher prices for our clients.

If you want to speak on the phone about the SEO for your business that's fine, but there is very little we can tell you without having at least some knowledge of your current situation or before we've had a chance to take a look around your website.

Get in contact with some more information and if you've got an appropriate budget and have answered our questions thoroughly enough to warrant some of our time for free, then we'll be happy to schedule a call with you.

This not only depends on the websites competing against you but also a blend of relevance and authority, and an absence of negative factors.

We can certainly give you some idea of competitiveness and therefore some expectations for rankings, but you'll need to send us plenty of information about your domain, website, target keywords, competitors and your previous SEO history first.

While you could previously think about SEO in this way, it's no longer appropriate to do so.

The volume of links is no longer the way to the top, and although unlikely, it might be the case that we think using your whole budget for a single link is the most effective tactic.

Quite simply, if you're hung up on the number of links you're going to be getting, this needs to change.

If you really insist on quantity, we're happy to throw in 10,000 free links for every client we work work, although we'd strongly advise you not to take us up on this offer.

No, and nor does any SEO company for any meaningful search term.

This is a common ploy by some SEO companies where they guarantee rankings for an obscure term with extremely low competition and is a waste of your money.

Not for organic SEO, but if you have a Customer Lifetime Value of at least £1,000 and want to buy exclusive, fully-qualified leads from us, then check out our Lead Generation services.

We focus on quality over quantity and do everything we can do mitigate the risks of Google's penalties. This takes time, knowledge and skill and may mean that our services cost more than those of other companies and freelancers.

We don't have huge overheads to pay and we take advantage of our own custom-developed research, analysis and outreach systems and processes.

Leveraging computers to do much of the simple, repetitive work required for SEO also allows us to keep our prices low whilst minimising human error and the communication problems of traditional human-based outsourcing.

We can work within a huge range of budgets, but below a certain threshold, organic SEO isn't really viable any more like it was in the past.

Our standard day rate for consulting is £300 and the minimum budget required for monthly ongoing projects is also £300.

SEO is very scalable though, so the more budget you have, the more relevance and authority can be generated in a quicker time, for a wider range of more highly competitive target phrases.

If you don't have the ongoing budget required to work with us, it is still worth getting in contact with us about your SEO strategy. Getting the strategy right at the start will make everything you do going forward more effective and similarly, moving forward with an inappropriate strategy is going to make every penny you subsequently spend on SEO less effective than it could otherwise be.

If you don't know how much a customer is worth to your business, how do you ever expect to know whether a certain marketing activity is likely to result in a positive return on investment?

If you're not taking your business seriously enough to consider this, we'd rather spend our time giving a free consultation to somebody who is.

As far as Google is concerned there is no such thing as 'white-hat SEO', at least in terms of off-site optimisation.

If the intention of a link is to improve rankings, then Google considers it to be against their rules. Regardless of whether that is a link from Wikipedia or the BBC, if the intention is there, then it's not 'white-hat'.

The sooner you accept that Google is a paid advertising company and you -- as a website owner in the organic results -- are the product rather than the customer, the better.

This doesn't mean that actively performing SEO is unsafe, but it's best to know how Google views you rather than sticking your head in the sand and just hoping that everything will be OK.

The most important thing is that we consider the safety and longevity of our clients' websites to be the single most important part of the work we do, so you really have nothing to worry about. Anybody promising truly 'white-hat' link-building in 2014 is either lying to you or isn't accountable for quantitative results.

We could show you plenty of examples, but considering that every phrase, website, and search results page poses a uniquely different set of challenges and levels of competition, none of them are going to be relevant to your particular situation.

If you need proof of our expertise and what it's like to work with us, we suggest that you take a look at the testimonials and comments from our previous clients.

Yes and yes!

A simple thought-experiement should answer this question for you. If it's possible to penalise your own website via link-building, then it's certainly possible to do the same for a website that doesn't belong to you.

Not all websites or industries will be at risk of negative SEO but it's something that every website owner should be aware of. If you are interested in reactively or proacively mitigating the risk of negative SEO, get in contact.

No. The subjects and areas of technology that SEO now encompasses are simply too vast to take a DIY approach with any more.

We can certainly teach you how to take care of your on-page optimisation yourself (providing you have a half-decent content management system), as this is one area where Google is actually making positive progress, but on-page optimisation is only half the puzzle.